Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bread Poha

Though I love cooking but every now and then I get bucked up when am short of choices for breakfast. And in such times Bread Poha comes as a savior.

It comes with twin benefits, as in it is easy to make and it also polishes off the uff so boring old bread in a whiff.

Here is the recipe for Bread Poha/ Upma

Bread Slices – 6-7 (preferably a day or two old)
1 Teaspoon Oil
Rai (Mustard Seeds) – ½ teaspoon
Curry Leaves (Kadi Patta) – 4-5
Onion – 1 (finely cut)
Potato – 1 (Cut into small pieces)
Tomato – 1 (Cut into small pieces)
Green Chilly – 1-2 (Cut into small pieces)
Salt as per taste
Red Chilly Powder as per taste
Lemon Juice – 1 teaspoon

Take out the bread from refrigerator and let it be for ½ an hour.
Cut off the thick sides of the bread and taking them two at a time rub them against each other making a fine powder of it. (As in pic)

Heat the pan; put the curry leaves & rai after 3-4 seconds put the onions. Once the onions are semi transparent put the potato and cover the pan.

Once the potato is cooked add the tomato & green chilly and let them cook.

After all the veggies are cooked add the refined bread and all the spices. Sprinkle a little water on it and cover it with pan for 5 mins. Open the pan after 5 mins, sprinkle the lemon juice & a little bit of sugar. Cook it for few more min
utes and it is ready to be served.

Peas can be added if available & the dish can be garnished with coriander leaves.

It takes just 15 mins to cook the whole thing and it tastes very good. I have been using brown bread to make it and it only makes it healthier.


couchpapaya said...

smita - looks yummm. i love bread upma, i make it quite often, tho i nuke my bread in the food processor so i can use the sides too :) btw, love the new look of the blog !!!

Oxy said...

Oh I love Poha and I don't get it here like north.. Now I can try it myself.. It's so easy..

samir said...

Pretty good recipe and writeup, now I am hungry. Dont you put turmeric in this recipe ?
Maybe I will writeup a nice vegeterian recipe next.