Thursday, October 30, 2008

10 Mins Gobi

Here is something I came up with, really a lazy man gobi, easy to make , turned out yumm to eat. Hope u enjoy it


1 whole Cauliflower - cut into bite sized pieces
50 gms thick Curd
1 tbs Coriander pwd
1 tbs Cumin pwd
1 tbs whole Cumin
1/2 tps Turmeric
1 tbs Chilli pwd
Salt to taste


Wash the Cauliflower, set it aside. In a large bowl Mix all the dry ingredients and the Curd (except the whole Cumin). Toss in the Cauliflower into the Mixture. Let it rest for 30 mins.

In a saute pan in hot oil add in the 1 tbs of Cumin, then toss in the curd coated cauliflower. Toss on high flame till done evenly all over and golden brown in color. Done!


couchpapaya said...

angel - wow, sounds v. easy and am bored of eating my drab old gobi preparation!!! will try this out next time .....

Angel's Flight said...

:) at ur risk...damn i forgot to put the disclaimer in...lolz

Smita said...

Aha!!! It does look simple n easy....will try it soon :)

An Indian said...

Guess What! apart from spanking the politicians, this Indian has another hobby... cooking! :)

Srini said...

Wow, nice stuff you got here .. I myself am a good cook... so they say ...Keep writing and I will keep cooking :)

Anonymous said...

slurp!! sounds yummy. and curd being my love, its gonna be a helluva dish!