Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We had invited our friend and his family for dinner last weekend. They are from Northern part of India, and have a keen interest on TN cuisine, so I made authentic south style food for them. Posting few recipes of which I clicked pics. These are very common down south, yet delecable ones.

Ingredients :-
Snakegourd - 500 gm
salt - 2 tsp
Toor dhal - 1/2 cup
channa dhal- 1/2 cup
red chillis- 2 or 3
for seasoning - mustard, urid dhal (whole or broken), hing and curry leaves.

Method :-
Soak Toor and channa dhal for 2 hours in warm water and then coarsely grind them adding a spoon of salt and 2-3 chillis. Keep the mixture aside.
Boil some water in a pan and cook the chopped snakegourd. Remember that about an ounce of water would do for cooking the said quantity of the vegetable. Once the veggie is cooked, add a spoon of salt, mix well and keep it aside.
Heat a tablespoon of oil in a skillet, add mustard, let them splutter then add urid hing and curry leaves. Saute them. Now add the lentils mixture, simmer and cook until the mixture turns brown. Keep stirring as the mixture tends to stick to the pan. You may add oil generously to speeden the process, else it takes about 20 minutes. Once you could sense the aroma of nicely fried dhal, add the cooked vegetable and mix well (making sure not to break the veggie into very small unidentifiable pieces!!).
This paruppusili is a common item in the platter of marriages or any such functions in Tamil Nadu.
ps:Other than snakegourd vegetables like Green Beans, Runner Beans or Mangetout (Avarakkai in Tamil), Carrot or Banana Flower could be used.


couchpapaya said...

bubbles - i love veggies prepared the SI way ... i have not tried this though have heard the name somewhere. looks great, will try it out soon!!!

Smita said...

I hate lauki :(

avdi said...

Snakegourd is like tori? I have eaten this dish but dont like it much.

But I adore the beans cooked with grated coconut.. that is yum.

WhatsInAName said...

oooo i so love this dish. It tastes like a combination of vadai and curries. infact we also make it using cabbage. it tastes yummy. We also add a spoon of coconut oil in the end. That brings out a good flavor too

Bouncing-Bubble said...

cp-am sure u'll like it.. since u wouldn't prefer too much oil, try pressure cooking the ground lentil mixture for 5 mins, then u could do with very less oil

Smi- darling, forget the lauki.. do with other vegies

Av-what is this tori now! lemme google and come with other names for the veggie soon!

wian-with cabbage? cool hv never heard of that combi.. i'll try that one spoon coconut oil next time