Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cabbage With A Spicy Twist

I have majorly been a good girl as far as eating is concerned. I eat most of the vegetables. However there are certain vegetables which I don’t hate per se but I don’t enjoy eating them as well. Tinda, lauki & cabbage are case in example. Thanks to my Mom I know a recipe of cabbage which makes it taste different and tasty (somewhat!).


(Serves 2)

Cabbage                    ½ kg (Finely cut)

Potato                       1 (sliced)

Onion                        1 big (finely chopped)

Tomato                      1 (Finely Chopped)

Salt                           To Taste   

Red Chilly Powder        To Taste

Oil                            1 teaspoon

Ginger Garlic Paste      1 tablespoon


Whole Garam Masala i.e.

Ajwain                       ½ tea spoon

Elaichi                        1 big & 1 small

Cloves                       3-4

Cinnamon                   A very small piece

Tej Pata                     1 small

Black Pepper              4-5

Dry whole Red Chilli     1

In a kadhai pour the oil, as soon as it heats up put the whole Garam masala. As soon as it splutters put in the chopped onions & cook it on medium heat.

As the onion turns transparent add cabbage & potato, salt & chilly powders to taste, cover the thing and let it cook on low flame. After say about 5-10 mins put the ginger garlic paste; turn the vegetables and let it cook. When the veggies are cooked add tomato and cover the thing and let it cook. 

When the tomato is cooked, pull away the lid and cook the vegetable at high flame for 5 mins and the vegetable is ready. Garnish it with coriander and serve preferably with paratha’s.

This dish is very easy & simple to cook but the khada garam masala (whole) & ajwain change the taste of the subzi.

The same recipe can be used alternatively for different vegetable; all you have to do is to replace the cabbage with a cauliflower.

With the same recipe you can make Dum Aloo (take baby potatoes) and all you have to do is to add a teaspoon of curd while adding tomato. Rest all remains the same.

Trust me this recipe has never failed me and if you have surprise guests at dinner and only have boring vegetable like cabbage at home then this is the best variation you can come up with.

PS: The Garam masala makes the thing spicy so go slow as far as red chilly is concerned


couchpapaya said...

smita - looks great and sounds so easy! even i get so bored of cabbage, cauliflower. in the US these veggies taste awful and have a lot of water, so i think making them so spicy will definitely improve the taste. will try this next time, thanks!! :D

avdi said...

This is exactly the way I cook Cabbage, and believe me, even my son eats it happily. One cousin makes Tomato-Onion-Garlic tadka and cools it. Then she takes the Cabbage apart leaf by leaf and spreads the tadka thinly in each leaf. After that she wraps all leaves up and ties them up (like karela) and cooks them with a little oil in kadai (like karela again, browning them lightly on all sides). That makes this humdrum veggie taste like something else.

ShantanuDas said...

The good thing about ur recipes is that YOU ALSO seem to be carrying a camera [or mobile camera] with you when you cook!!

Absolutely realistic pictures..! In fact maybe you can also start sending us some? hmmmm

Bouncing-Bubble said...

this is coool... I'll give it a go. I cook cabbage along with capsicum and peas and just add salt and green chillis.. but no masala..

btw I hv a recipe for lauki, which would make it taste better. will post that when I find time

Bouncing-Bubble said...

I presume lauki is bottlegourd. What is Tinda?

Smita said...

Hey P :)Ya this recipe completely changes the taste though I have always believed that if u don't like the taste of a specific veggies nothing u do with it while cooking can change it :D (this is my excuse to save myself from eating veggies I hate ;))

Smita said...

Hey Ava :)Ah! I have always felt that apna cooking style is very similar...may be because of the north connection :-)

That recipe sounds interesting but very time taking and patience waali na?? May be will try some day :)

Smita said...

Hey Shantanu :)Yes that's my mobile camera at work :-)

Thanks!!! Start sending what???

Smita said...

Hey Bubs :) Lauki is something which I have always avoided :D but do share the Mom makes Lauki ke kofte and when u eat them you will not know that they are made of lauki...may be I will share it here :-)

Tinda is Apple gourd!!! Apne blog ke side main check out the list of glossary links I have put :)

couchpapaya said...

hey smita, just finished making this and it's really the tastiest cabbage dish i have eaten!! i think this will be my staple prep from now, thnx, a LOT!!! :)